Monday, 18 June 2018


I'm going to see David Byrne in November this year.

I've seen Talking Heads perform before back in 1979. They have long been one of my favourite bands. I like Byrne's music and lyrics and his The Catherine Wheel is one of my favourites.

He has dabbled in experimental theatre a lot and this partnership with Twyla Tharp (choreographer) really hit the spot with me in 1981 to the point where I planned to go to New York to see it but work commitments interfered.

I'm going on my own as The Old Girl, while liking Talking Heads thinks that Byrne's solo works like The Catherine Wheel are  'a bit weird'. Hopefully she'll remind me to go on the date as a couple of years ago when I had a ticket to go to see Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) I forgot to go. See HERE

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  1. I listened to both.
    The Catherine Wheel would maybe be more meaningful on a podcast where some professor plays a bit and discusses where Byrne was emotionally at the time.



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