Thursday, 21 June 2018


I was listening to Barry Crump's Nights programme on National Radio last night and he was interviewing a composer who talked about the use of objects other than musical instruments when making music.


I liked his music and what he was saying. No doubt Richard will disagree with this because I'm wrong and Chessa is crap or something and Robert, who has a snobbish attitude that anyone who doesn't play a musical instrument should not have any opinion on music will pooh pooh, but hey, who cares - I've said before that I like music that is a bit off centre like Scott Walker's Bish Bosh and Stephen Sondheim, Kurt Weill and  Benjamin Britten operas,

 Stockhausen's Music For Helicopters was referenced: HERE
Which I listened to and liked the idea of reminding me of Bish Bosh although real instruments were used.

I was reminded that Richard, the most accomplished and educated musician I know talked sometimes about how his household appliances would (when they thought that no-one was listening) perform in various musical keys. Sadly these posts have disappeared having been obliterated in THE GREAT BLOG DESTRUCTION OF JULY 2016.
A story of music making (in secret) by household appliances would be worthy of Roald Dahl or Dr Seuss.

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  1. I never in any mood, said ignore the intellect;
    Nor criticize the other affinity to frequency of sound.
    I suggested to my beloved a helicopter tune to make;
    He said ney the Prowse bro's would dismay profound!



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