Saturday, 4 November 2017



I read an interesting article by Judith Kogan The Unsettling Sound of Tritones, The Devil's Interval on Flipchart today.

I'm borrowing heavily from it here but thought it worthy of sharing, particularly with Robert who seems to have a thing about the power of three and connections with the devil and all.

"Everyone knows the sounds of Halloween: creaky floorboards, howling winds, the amplified sound of a beating heart. But back in the day, the devil was said to exist in a particular musical tone. For centuries, it was called the devil's interval — or, in Latin, diabolus in musica. In music theory, it's called the "tritone" because it's made of three whole steps.

"The reason it's unsettling is that it's ambiguous, unresolved," says Gerald Moshell, Professor of Music at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. "It wants to go somewhere. It wants to settle either here, or [there]. You don't know where it'll go, but it can't stop where it is."

There used to be rules against writing music that contained this interval. Moshell says that during the Renaissance, all music had one purpose: to be beautiful and express the majesty of God. Anything otherwise was studiously avoided. But once music was no longer shackled to the church, it was free to express all kinds of tension. The devil's interval was ideal for that.

From classical to jazz to rock and even Broadway musicals, the tritone conveys feelings ranging from forbidden love and longing to fear and defiance." - Judith Kogan

In addition to the Wagner example above here are a couple more:


  1. The tritone was looked on as the blessed trinity (three tones) with the devil around it. The best example of a tritone, for those who don't know what it sounds like, First two notes of the last 3 notes of The Simpsons tune. The (tritone) Simp sons

  2. Thanks. I listened to that and think I see what you mean.
    Given the Holy Trinity connection I'm surprised that Robert isn't using tritones ....... well his religious posts are trite ones I suppose.

  3. This my favourite

  4. Yes she's pretty amazing.
    On a connected note I remember a fabulous animated film in the 1970s named 'Allegro Non Troppo.'



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