Thursday, 2 November 2017


I know that CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ has published something similar in the past about The Killers and their outstanding song Human but ROBERT THE LOSER (his latest nom du guerre) in a Post that had the life expectancy of a mayfly made, I think that I can remember the fleeting reference,  a scathing remark that THE MUSIC CURMUDGEON would only witter on about his recollections of music from the 1970s.

Well, I guess to be fair to Robert (and he's not a loser) a lot of my memories that connect with life experiences are from the 1970s (but not all). I was born in the 1950s and have managed to potter along to the now 2010s and I have great experiences from each decade that I can match to a song or a piece of music (Tibetan throat singing doesn't feature).

The Killers song featured in this Post isn't actually my favourite Killers song. My favourite is Mr Brightside (look it up) but both come from the 2000s. The song has a lot of resonance though as it's one of The Old Girl's favourites and was one of her best friend, Sheila's favourites. Whenever we were together, no matter where, The Old Girl and Sheila would get up and dance manically when Human was played. This could be in a pub or bar, at parties or, annoyingly, when we were playing snooker.

Here's a neat photograph of The Old Girl, Sheila and The Old Girl's mother dancing to The Killers Human at a get-together at our Pt. Chevalier house in 2007.

And here is another of them dancing to, yes, The Killers at an outdoor concert at, I think, The Auckland Zoo:

And once again, The Old Girl and Sheila dancing to Human when we were supposed to be playing snooker!

In the first two photographs are The Old Girl with her best friend Sheila and The Old Girl's mother who sadly both have since died. The last photo is just of The Old Girl and Sheila.
Call me an old softie but these photographs immediately remind me of the love, humour and good times that were had at the time and - the music that connects them is The Killers song Human.
Definitely not from the 1970s but it's good enough to have been so.


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  2. Nice - what life should be like. I mean the dancing.



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