Friday, 23 March 2018


Over the last few years we've seen public figures and famous personalities outed for their disgusting, obscene and illegal activities towards women and children. Some of the legal actions that resulted have been sorted with the perpetrators fined or imprisoned and who may now be thankfully dead. Many others have been merely pilloried and continue to deny their actions and are oblivious to the consequences for their victims. In most cases there is a shroud of silence put over the issue.

Politicians, celebrities, actors, comedians, priests and vicars are among the toads - names like Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Bill Cosby, Gary Glitter, Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen are among the many, many who have used their positions of power, wealth or fame to provide them with their 'entitlement'.

There is a group of people though who by and large have escaped prosecution and scrutiny even though we all know that they have behaved immorally, illegally and downright objectionably for decades. These are the 'Rock Stars' and music industry big names.

These arseholes have made careers, fortunes and 'reputations' based on their off-stage lives and the rock and roll legends around many of the 60s, 70s, 80s and even later 'stars' involve sex with groupies and under-age children.

I was listening to this song yesterday:

Which the Rolling Stones released in 1968 on the album Beggar's Banquet.

Good fun? Yes and great rock and roll but have a read of the lyrics here:

"I hear the click-clack of your feet on the stairs
I know you're no scare-eyed honey.
There'll be a feast if you just come upstairs
But it's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime
I can see that you're fifteen years old
No I don't want your I.D.
You look so rest-less and you're so far from home
But it's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime

Oh yeah, you're a strange stray cat
Oh yeah, don'tcha scratch like that
Oh yeah, you're a strange stray cat
Bet your mama don't know you scream like that
I bet your mother don't know you can spit like that.
You look so weird and you're so far from home
But you don't really miss your mother
Don't look so scared I'm no mad-brained bear
But it's no hanging matter
It's no capital crime
Oh, yeah

Now if you clicked the video link above for the Paris 2003 concert and listened to the song you might have noticed that old Mick Jagger sang the lyrics - "I can see that you're sixteen years old"

But on the original recording on the 1968 album the lyric is "I can see that you're fifteen years old.

Have a listen to it here:

The song caused some controversy when it was first released but unfortunately, even though musicians screwing pubescent and even pre-pubescent girls (and boys) was rife there was no real criminal investigation of the industry (too much money involved I guess).

Jagger obviously is aware of the situation the lyric puts him in and changes it when singing the song in later years. Is this an apology though? 

I think not!


  1. At least "The Band" were never into that stuff!

  2. Or Robbie Robertson was very good at rewriting their history.



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